0333 009 6261 (Cardiff & Bristol)

PLEASE DO NOT CALL THE OFFICES ABOUT REGISTRATION - we will be taking new applications for artistes in January 2019.

  • To REGISTER as a new artist with Phoenix Casting in 2019, you must complete an online application HERE -
    we will approve applications in January 2019, and then invite selected applicants to register in person in February 2019.

  • Phoenix do not take on artistes under 16 years of age.


  • Things are changing for our 2019 registration sessions so PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING CAREFULLY.

     From 2019, if you wish to be part of our 2019 MAIN BOOK (see definition below) you must APPLY FOR AN INVITE TO ATTEND REGISTRATION, as we are limiting the amount of people we can see.

     We will be holding two weeks’ worth of sessions in 2019. 

    Dates of registration for 2019 are - 

    4th - 9th February in BRISTOL 


    11th - 16th February in CARDIFF


    If you are unable to attend our registration dates for any reason, or your application is not successful, there will be the option to be on our ‘reserve’ list. There is also the option of only being on a regional book, should you not be based in our main working areas.
    Please read on to see which best suits you!


    2019 MAIN BOOK

    The 2019 MAIN BOOK applies to artistes who will attend a 2019 registration session and have official Phoenix photographs and measurements taken.

    To book an appointment to be part of the 2019 main book, you will receive an email with links to state that you wish to be considered for a registration invite.

    These invitation emails will be sent out during December and January.

    If successful, you will book in for one of the limited appointments, via your online profile from mid JANUARY.

    The MAIN BOOK artistes will be eligible for ANY work Nationwide, though, the vast majority of our work is in Wales, the South West of England and the Midlands.

    We ask all MAIN BOOK artistes to apply to re-register on an annual basis.



    The RESERVE BOOK applies to any artistes whose details we keep on file IN CASE of any suitable work arising – you are in no way guaranteed work on the reserve book, but should we be unable to fulfil a booking using the main book artistes, or should you have a specific skill or certain look, that we can utilise, we will certainly be in touch.

    You  may decide not to apply to register in person, or, you may apply for an invite and be unsuccessful, if this is the case, you will be on the RESERVE book and we will contact you if and when we can.



    The REGIONAL BOOK applies to those artistes who are based outside of our main areas of work (Wales and the South West) and are only interested in being offered work local to them.

    The main regions we are looking to recruit for are – London and South East, Cornwall, North East

    If you are on the REGIONAL book, we will only offer you work in your area if and when it arises - we ask that regional book artistes do not ‘check in’ as we will contact when work is in your area.