0333 009 6261 (Cardiff & Bristol)

Please do not Call or Email the office about Registration or D.B.S. - Thank You.

Office Hours:
Cardiff: Monday to Friday 9:30am - 5:30pm
Bristol: Monday to Friday 9:30am - 5:30pm

Tel: 0333 009 6261

Please note, Artistes cannot pull out of a job by texting or emailing, you must speak to a member of staff on 0333 009 6261. Thank You.

Payment Account Queries
accounts @ phoenixcasting.tv

Please note that the Accounts department deal with payment account queries only - NOT Artistes online profile accounts. If Artistes have ANY payment account queries, please email Accounts, stating your full name, National Insurance number, and the dates and production that your query relates to. Thank You.

General office enquiries:
office @ phoenixcasting.tv



  • Caron Hughes  - Partner (Bristol office)
    caron @ phoenixcasting.tv

    Cath Wager - Artiste Booker
    (Bristol Office - Wednesday to Friday (Mon/Tues mornings only)
    cathy @ phoenixcasting.tv

  • Rhianwen Bailey - Artiste Booker (Cardiff & Bristol office)
    rhianwen @ phoenixcasting.tv

  • Tim Dane Reid - Artiste Booker (Cardiff & Bristol office)
    tim @ phoenixcasting.tv